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ARS Annual Report

Air Resource Specialists has been a leader in the field of air quality for over 25 years, making our name in the beginning by operating national visibility and criteria pollutant networks. Over the years we've branched out into environmental compliance, modeling, and policy development support, and more recently we have begun servicing a growing number of industry clients. Many of you are well aware of our expertise within your current focus of environmental concerns, but as our 2007 Annual Report illustrates, ARS' leadership reaches across many disciplines. My hope as you read this report is that you will view ARS from a fresh perspective and realize how much we can offer your organization.

Several brief articles in this report touch on highlights for the year and include interesting new and existing monitoring projects; analytical and database support for regional air quality studies; Web site, software, and technology innovations; and the diverse project work performed by our environmental compliance division...

...We continue to believe in - and our employees act on - ARS' founding philosophy of providing our clients with the highest quality personal, professional, and scientific support. I would like to thank our existing clients for their past patronage and continued confidence, and welcome future clients with the promise that ARS will meet your needs and exceed your expectations in whatever aspects of air quality support you require.

Joe Adlhoch