Air Resource Specialists, Inc.

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ARS' corporate headquarters are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, about an hour north of Denver. Our facilities are fully equipped to meet the most challenging monitoring, modeling, or permitting requirements. On-site capabilities are supplemented through arrangements with independent contractors and suppliers, including metal fabricating, precision machining, shelter manufacturing, electrical and electronic supply, manufacturer-specific replacement parts, and other expert services. We have excellent access to national and regional transportation, scientific expertise, government facilities, and other services important to the successful completion of our contracts and the satisfaction of our clients.

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  • Air Quality and Visibiity Laboratories
    • Test, certify, calibrate, and repair ambient air quality, particulate, meteorology, and optical instrumentation and support systems
    • NIST-traceable calibration standards
    • Local primary standard (ozone)
    • Fabricate custom support systems
    • Spare parts and supplies inventory
    • Research and testing
    • Digital imaging system fabrication and maintenance
  • Field Calibration and Test Facility
    • Instrument operations and comparison testing
    • Point and path tests and calibrations
    • On-site instrumentation includes:
      • dataloggers
      • a tracking transmissometer
      • an ambient nephelometer
      • meteorological towers and equipment
      • electronic test equipment
  • Shop Facilities
    • Indoor and outdoor system testing
    • Field staging operations
    • Full electronic and maintenance shop to fabricate:
      • instrumentation and support equipment
      • custom electronics
      • instrument shelters
      • unique calibration and test fixtures
      • remote camera systems
      • power systems
      • support structures
      • hardware, cables, etc.
  • Information Management Center
    • Air Quality DataBase Management System
    • Standard and custom data management and report products
    • Computer-aided interactive center for:
      • data collection
      • analyses
      • validation
      • reporting
      • archive
      • EPA AQS, EPA AIRNow, and client requested data submittals
  • Computer Facilities
    • Comprehensive computer network
    • State-of-the-art hardware and communications
    • Data secured by daily, weekly, and monthly backups
    • Data communications handled by multiple
      T-1 Internet lines
    • Satellite, Internet, and high-speed dial-up modems
    • FTP site for large data transfers
    • Web hosting
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