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Our response to COVID-19

Air Resource Specialists is committed to providing continued service to its clients, to the best of our ability, throughout the COVID-19 crisis. To ensure employee, client, and community safety, ARS has instituted the following policies:

  • ARS and its staff will adhere to all federal, state and local regulations and guidelines.
  • Employees are required to social distance whenever possible (maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others) and wear masks when in the company of other employees, customers or the public. Clients visiting ARS are required to follow these rules as well.
  • ARS employees are encouraged to work remotely. ARS computer operations, including web site hosting and data collection, can be managed remotely even as Colorado regulations have led to reduced staff levels in the office.
  • Travel to work sites will be conducted by car whenever practical. Air travel will require the approval of management. Employees who travel by air are required to self-quarantine once returning to Colorado.
  • Traveling employees must review and adhere to the latest regulations and guidelines of the states or municipalities to which they will be traveling.

It is possible that, at times, it may be difficult to reach ARS staff via office phone. In these cases, please reach out to us through email. ARS staff may participate in conference calls from home, so pardon the occasional noise made by children or pets.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Joe Adlhoch
Air Resource Specialists, Inc.