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Quality Assurance & Auditing Federal Reference Method Designation & FEM Certification Testing

Federal Reference Method (FRM) and Federal Equivalency Method (FEM) designations on air quality analyzers indicate whether their data can be used by EPA to determine attainment and non-attainment of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). New analyzers that come to market must pass a rigorous series of tests to achieve FRM or FEM designation, including:

  • Accuracy and precision comparisons to a known standard
  • Characterization of response due to known potential interferents
  • Characterization of instrument drift due to electronic and environmental factors

Air Resource Specialists performs designation testing on behalf of clients to meet EPA criteria. Our QA laboratory contains all of the necessary equipment, standards for testing, certified gas bottles, and an environmental chamber which can be used to automatically cycle instruments through the required temperature regimes.