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Data Collection & Validation

Data Analysis Air Quality Data Collection & Validation Services

Data collection begins at the instrument level. Each air quality analyzer or sensor makes a measurement and either stores that information internally or transmits it via analog, serial or Ethernet protocol to a datalogger or other collection device. Typical dataloggers used in air quality work are the Campbell Scientific and ESC loggers. Air Resource Specialists has designed a robust, versatile and scalable data collection system that automatically collects data from over 100 monitoring stations across the U.S. every hour of every day. Data Analysts and Field Specialists at ARS review the data daily (or more frequently if necessary) for completeness and indications of equipment malfunctions.

Incoming data, including ambient measurements, calibration results (zero, precision and span measurements), and instrument diagnostics are deposited into our Oracle Air Quality Database for permanent storage and future validation. Other components of the data collection system include a laptop at each monitoring site that serves as a back up to the datalogger and interface for the station operator, and a separate web-accessible database for logging instrument problems, troubleshooting activities and implemented solutions.

Tools tied to ARS’ Air Quality Database allow Data Analysts to validate incoming data according to established EPA requirements (such as procedures specific in 40 CFR Part 58 for SLAMS or PSD programs) and other client or internal guidelines.